The History of Cortlandt

Cortlandt has about 15 miles of The Hudson River shoreline to enjoy. This symbolically exemplifies the towns stature as one of the largest municipalities in Wetchester County, New York. This town has many historical stories entwined with it, which creates a larger presence in American history.

Many notable Revolutionary War events happened in Cortlandt. Benedict Arnold met Major Jon Andre (Brittain) at The Cortlandt Manor to discuss plans for treason against The United States. “Washington’s Hill” is where French and American troops met to declare victory against Brittain. Washington was known to have stayed here on occasion, after the war, and give morning prayer services at The Old St. Peter’s Church when in town.

The Croton Dam is another historical landmark. It’s of worthy note because it is the nations first artificially built source of water that was the world’s largest dam as well as the second largest man-made structure (next to the Great Pyramids of Egypt). Consequently, it was eventually utilized as America’s first stone mason dam and source for the first aqueduct in America. The aqueduct built was 40 miles long and carried water to Harlem and Central Park. The astonishing dam built consisted of granite and has lasted since 1892.

Here’s a short video for more details: