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2 Problems Plaguing New Truckers

As a new truck driver, it can be a little overwhelming understanding of how the industry works and your different responsibilities to customers and employers. While the type of loads you haul will vary depending on your employment situation, it is always advised that your secure a cargo liability coverage policy from a reputable provider. As you begin to look for a quote, you may experience one of the following problems associated coverage seekers new to the industry.

1. Driver Eligibility

In order to secure licensing from state and federal government agencies, a trucker must have proof of adequate liability coverage. The experienced staff at American Team Managers recommend a polity that covers both the value of the truck and the cargo, in addition to any protection against liability claims. Some companies prefer not to insure drivers who have less than two years of commercial driving experience.

2. Insurance Costs

Commercial truck insurance does not have a fixed price, and it is dependent on the risk factors associated with the driver and load. Traffic violations, past accidents, the location of operation or haul, and the type of cargo will impact the cost. New drivers often have trouble with the price of a comprehensive policy.
Working with a trucking company is one way to build experience and get on good financial footing. After that, you can pursue your own trucking ventures with quality insurance coverage.