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4 Facts to Know When Buying a Boat

Whether you love to fish or simply want to have a fun place near the water for a party, boating vessels offer a wonderful way to spend a sunny day. Buying a boat is more than looking at the cost. Along with recreational marine programs, potential owners should look at these factors before making a purchase.


Some boat owners choose to pay cash, but many opt for boat financing to purchase their vessel. Determining how much you qualify for and are comfortable with can help you decide on the right vessel for you.


A fishing boat is vastly different than a yacht with completely different costs. What the boat is used for affects the size and type of boat needed.


One of the least sexy things about owning a boat or yacht is insurance. However, it is important to carry marine boat insurance for your specific vessel type including size, age and purchase price of the boat. Recreational marine programs help you insure the boat against damage and offer additional coverage in case of an accident.


Boats are available pre-owned or new. In addition to the purchase price and insurance costs, owners need to consider storing, maintenance, cleaning and fuel in their budget.

Whether you plan to stay dockside or glide over the water, recreational marine programs are an important part of any marine adventure.