Mission Statement

4 iIps for Writing a Community Association Mission Statement

Organizations with clear reasons for existing are much better equipped to make decisions and encourage compliance among members. If you are on the board of a homeowners association, a community association mission statement can make your job easier. Here are some tips to help you write one.

1. Keep it Short

A mission statement should be 250 words or less. You want to inspire people, and anything longer than this will cause readers to lose interest.

2. State the Purpose

Some homeowners are reluctant to join an HOA, or view it only as a policing agency. By describing the purpose behind this necessary group, you can foster understanding of what it is you actually do.

3. Use Inclusive Language

Avoid gender-specific words and mentions of race, nationality, or religion. Do not highlight activities in which only certain members can participate due to differences in physical ableness.

4. Describe a Vision

Imagine how wonderful your community would be if everyone followed the HOA rules, volunteered their time, and participated fully. Describe this ideal neighborhood as a potential outcome.

Mission statements have worked wonders for all kinds of organizations, and one can help your community association, too. Using these tips will help you craft a statement that unites members by focusing their attention on what is most important.