5 Losses the Insurance for Your Boat Should Cover

Owning a boat can bring a lot of fun in your life. To fully enjoy the experience, you need the peace of mind that a great boat insurance policy gives you. A good policy can protect you, your passengers and your boat. Here are five potential losses the policy may cover.

1. Damage to Your Boat

If you collide with another vessel, the dock or items under the water, it’s going to cost money to fix your boat. Your insurance can help with repairs.

2. Injuries

Sometimes accidents happen and people get injured. Your coverage may pay for the cost of medical bills, legal fees, and other associated expenses.

3. Property Damage

Your boat may harm someone else’s property in a collision. If this happens, you need the right coverage to pay for those damages.

4. Comprehensive Coverage

You can suffer losses even if you’re not on your boat. If it is damaged, vandalized or stolen, comprehensive coverage can pay to repair or replace it.

5. Extra Coverage

You may decide to add other coverage to your boat insurance. Personal property insurance and coverage for wreckage sites or oil spills may be something worth thinking about. Source:
Being on a boat can be relaxing. Having good insurance can help you relax even more.