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5 Yacht Classifications Every Manufacturer Should Know

Yachts have seen an increase of interest in the last few years with the growing trend of living on the seas. Insurance for yacht manufacturers protects the risks inherent in building these luxury vessels. There is more than one type of yacht to choose from.

Mega Yacht

In excess of 120 feet, the tri-deck is a monster with a mega yacht being in excess of 80 feet. These large vessels are the stuff of dreams. The experts at Merrimac Mairine know that the design phase can be the trickiest, especially for larger vessels.

Express Cruiser

While known by many names, this yacht has living quarters below and a single deck above a monohull. It is a sporty boat with a variety of styles.

Motor Yacht

The large interior main deck and onboard motor separate this classification. The yacht features multiple decks for ample living quarters in a traditional style.

Express Sportfish

Fisherman can enjoy these yachts designed with large cockpits for fishing. Lots of storage makes them ideal for the day’s catch.

Sedan Bridge

Obtain 360-degree views while lounging around or controlling the vessel. The superstructure includes outdoor lounge space, the top bridge, main deck living space and staterooms below deck.
These are the main categories of yachts. As you build them, protect your business with insurance for yacht manufacturers.