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Prepare Your Tow Truck for Winter Work

Tow trucks still thrive in the winter months as snowstorms blow through towns leaving cars stranded on the side of the road. Knowing the tow truck insurance requirements for your state is one part of preparing for the winter season. These tips can keep you going strong all winter long. Warm Clothing Tow truck drivers […]

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Extending Your Coverage When Others are at Fault

As the information on reveals, a business owner can be held liable for personal injury, property damage, bodily injury caused by a party or partner the business has a contractual relationship with. This is considered a contingent liability, or indirect liability, and it falls under the general liability exposures of business operations. What is […]

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Do You Know What Counts as Malicious Prosecution?

Many lawsuits are filed on completely legal grounds, but there are some that are filed maliciously with intent to do harm to the accused with false allegations, according to Huntersure. To fully understand what these types of lawsuits look like, it’s important to look at some malicious prosecution examples. Common Examples Malicious prosecution lawsuits can […]

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Top Qualities of a Staffing Insurance Agency

Staffing companies need to carry insurance options for their employees. Despite placing employees in other businesses, the staffing agencies are still responsible. When staffing agencies cater to high profile clients, unique protections are necessary. Here is what to look for in a quality insurance agency. Knowledge and Expertise There are unique trends in the celebrity […]

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Prevent Fraud with Effective Risk Management Strategies

Protecting financial assets became a high priority for many consumers after the 2008 financial crisis. Banks must also protect their bottom lines with financial institution bond coverage. In addition, these risk management strategies can help prevent fraud. Fraud Risks As seen on, computer fraud, counterfeiting, employee dishonesty, extortion, securities, and money fraud, forgery and […]

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Consider of These Uncommon Tips for Safe Truck Driving in Winter

The first blizzard has hit the upper plains this year. Safely Driving in the winter is crucial for truckers seeking to make their destinations and keeping costs low. In addition to having trucker tools on hand, these tips can help you stay safe this winter. Tire Spray During wet conditions, vehicle tires spray water on […]

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How to Choose an Engine for Your Power Boat

There are two main types of engines for a power boat. Choosing between a sterndrive vs inboard engine can impact how your boat operates. Here are some tips to choosing the right engine. Reliability An inboard engine resists corrosion better than a sterndrive engine extending the life of the motor. The experts at Mariners Insurance […]