Byrnes Agency Insurance is a major benefactor

Benefits of Joining a Local Business Association

Are you looking for ways to put your insurance agency on the map? Byrnes Agency Insurance is a major benefactor in the town of Putnam, CT, and you could have just as much effect on your local business association. There are several benefits to joining one.

You’ll Have the Chance to Network

When you join a business association, you’ll receive a membership directory. This allows you to meet other small business owners in the area and network with them, coming up with ways you can both benefit from a relationship that exposes you to new clients and helps you bring in more sales.

You Can Give Back to the Community

Research shows that consumers are most interested in purchasing goods and services, including insurance, from businesses that are a pillar of the community. By joining a local business association and participating in community events, such as park cleanups or food drives, you show yourself as a name to remember in the community. Future clients will remember the positive things you did for local people.

You’ll Receive Mentorship

For many small businesses, joining a local association comes with the benefit of mentorship from other business owners who have been in operation longer. You’ll learn what to expect from the industry, how to handle the dynamic of the community, and much more from people who have been around the block a time or two.
Remember, part of marketing your agency is showing that you are a local fixture. Joining a local small business association proves just that.