cpp insurance

Bundling Your Business Insurance Needs With Commercial Package Policies

Small businesses once purchased Business Owner’s Policies in bundles, but as those companies expanded, a larger and more complex coverage system was required. The Commercial Package Policy was created to fill the need. Available for many types of businesses, operations, and industries, CPP insurance can be customized to fill almost any business owner’s requirements.


You no longer need to purchase different policies for different aspects of your business. Now you can gather them all together under one cover.

Types of insurance that can be bundled into a specific policy designed to fit your business needs can include

Business Income
Equipment Breakdown
Business Crime
Business Crime

Coverage for farming losses, terrorism, and other types of professional protection can also be included in the bundle.


Having different agents attached to different policies can become a difficult situation when a disaster or other damage scenario arises. Knowing which agent to go to for all your needs makes filing a claim a breeze. Having everything together in one policy can also allow you to save money and secure more protection under the single bundled coverage.

You never know what could happen or when it may occur, so it is best to be prepared. Disasters and business catastrophes caused over $45 billion in business losses last year. Be prepared for disaster by bundling your CPP insurance policies into a commercial package.