Supporting Your Nightclub Business With Insurance

Nightclubs and other bar businesses offer patrons local spots to unwind and hang out with good music and tasty beverages, among other comforts. As with other industries, these particular businesses are exposed to certain risks that can threaten their future and financial health. A lawsuit or claim made for uncovered damages can require these business […]

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Do You Know What Counts as Malicious Prosecution?

Many lawsuits are filed on completely legal grounds, but there are some that are filed maliciously with intent to do harm to the accused with false allegations, according to Huntersure. To fully understand what these types of lawsuits look like, it’s important to look at some malicious prosecution examples. Common Examples Malicious prosecution lawsuits can […]

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Two Important Business Insurance Options

Business insurance is an expense for any company, but for those who look to simply get the minimum coverage, they could be risking financial failure. There are several areas of liability that companies are exposed too, and a comprehensive e insurance plan will be able to address these risks. The group at Transparity Insurance Services […]