Safety Considerations for Rideshare Operators

Ridesharing presents a great opportunity for people to make money either as the main source of income or a side hustle. Customers look to drivers with safe, reliable vehicles to get them to the places that they need to be. Passengers can lead ratings about their experiences that can impact your prospects as a rideshare […]

3 Advantages of a Telephonic Nurse Triage Program

Accidents or injuries at work can be costly to employers in lost productivity. Workers’ compensation insurance is the most common option for businesses to protect their assets and indemnify employees, but adding a telephonic nurse triage program as part of the risk management strategy comes with three key advantages. Collecting Extemporaneous Information Having a nurse […]

Benefits of a Loss Sensitive Workers’ Compensation Policy

All employers should carry some form of workers’ compensation. Workers’ compensation protects your business and your staff in the case of injuries or illness. If you want a lower-cost option that rewards you for fewer claims, you may want to consider a loss sensitive program. Enhanced Cash Flow When you have a loss sensitive workers […]

A Short Guide to Insurance for Public Officials

Public officials have many important responsibilities to handle on a daily basis. With these important responsibilities comes a great deal of risk. Public officials are constantly at risk of facing claims of wrongdoing that can lead to expensive legal fees and settlements. Without the necessary protection, these claims can easily cause you significant financial damage. […]

What Is a Specimen Policy?

A specimen policy is designed to give consumers an overview of certain insurance coverage in a general format. The wording found in these documents could be used in an authorized policy. All disability insurance policies must be underwritten in the end. An individual may discover that the insurance coverage is unavailable or that the policy […]

Risk Management Strategies for Law Firms

Managing a law firm involves a lot of responsibilities. Here are some ways that firms can manage them effectively while mitigating risk exposure. Ensure Compliance With Regulations Pertaining to Professional Responsibility An alleged ethics violation can be very costly, and it could expose a firm to considerable liability. Make sure that everyone at your practice […]

How To Spot Financial Statement Fraud

Fraud is a major problem within businesses and was one of the underlying factors that contributed to the 2008 recession in the United States. There are many types of fraud that occur, which can make detecting financial statement fraud difficult. However, it is vital that financial professionals are able to quickly spot warning signs and […]