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Consider of These Uncommon Tips for Safe Truck Driving in Winter

The first blizzard has hit the upper plains this year. Safely Driving in the winter is crucial for truckers seeking to make their destinations and keeping costs low. In addition to having trucker tools on hand, these tips can help you stay safe this winter.

Tire Spray

During wet conditions, vehicle tires spray water on the outside. As the temperatures drop, water starts to freeze. When tires that spray a lot of water from the road start to lessen in volume, the roadways may be freezing. Start exercising caution as soon as you notice the change.

Evasive Action

Snow-packed roadways can be slippery. It is hard enough for a trucker to stop on a dime on a dry, sunny road. Avoid a collision easier by using evasive maneuvers while decelerating. The experts at western truck insurance recommend having a backup smartphone in case you are in an accident or stuck in a snowbank.

Smooth Driving

As the roadways become more dangerous, try to avoid any sudden movements. Pumping your brakes lightly can help you stop faster if you must. Try to stay as consistent as possible to avoid losing tire traction.

These tips and trucker tools can keep you safe on the roadways this winter. Keep your eyes from straining with a good pair of sunglasses especially since the sun reflects off the snow and into your cab.