Public Liability Insurance

Do You Need Public Liability Insurance?

Government workers are liable for their actions while performing their job duties. Public official liability insurance protects elected or appointed officials, public employees and volunteers against damages or claims. Under this type of coverage, the public entities and employees are the insured.

Types of Public Entities

Various government bodies need this type of policy, including:

Local governments

  • Towns
  • Cities
  • Counties

Special districts

  • Water & sewer utilities
  • Hospital districts
  • Fire & EMS districts
  • Parks & recreation departments
  • Special Service Districts and Commissions

Types of Claims

Claims arise regarding many aspects of a public worker’s job, such as handling employee promotions or dismissals, failure to protect the public trust, zoning decisions, mismanagement of funds and improper granting of permits or licenses.

Types of Professionals

All appointed officials of government entities should have this type of coverage.

Public official liability insurance for police protects officers and police departments while performing their professional duties. Some risks covered are false arrest and civil rights violations.

Professional liability coverage is also beneficial for educators. The district’s policy may not protect teachers individually from lawsuits.

Decisions made by public officials while carrying out everyday duties have the potential for lawsuits. The number of cases against government officials has increased, creating a need for protection from financial loss.