Four Important Considerations When Choosing Dock Insurance

If you are a marina or yacht club owner, your docks and their related equipment are the lifeblood of your business. They are crucial to the services you offer your clients and their care and maintenance are important. Your docks receive a lot of wear and tear due to the harsh conditions to which they are exposed. Thus, protecting them with dock insurance is an essential element of any care plan for your premises. Below are four important issues to consider when choosing a policy. Source: merrimac

  1. Make sure that your plan does not only cover the docks, pilings and gangways. Remember to include the other structures and equipment associated with docks, like electrical and utility hookups, dock boxes, bulkheads and power pedestals, in your plan.
  2. Storms can cause significant accumulation of debris around your docks which can endanger their structural viability. Therefore, your dock policy should also include debris removal.
  3. While your staff and customers may be very careful when handling motor oil and fuel, misadventures can still occur and accidental pollution coverage should be part of your policy.
  4. Finally, confirm that your plan covers damage caused by wind-wave wash or wind-generated waves.

You and your staff work hard to properly maintain your docks and equipment. Protecting them from unforeseen problems is vital. Not only will this provide you with much-deserved peace of mind, but also ensure that you can keep providing your customers with the high-quality services the industry demands.