Power Boat

How to Choose an Engine for Your Power Boat

There are two main types of engines for a power boat. Choosing between a sterndrive vs inboard engine can impact how your boat operates. Here are some tips to choosing the right engine.


An inboard engine resists corrosion better than a sterndrive engine extending the life of the motor. The experts at Mariners Insurance recommend obtaining maintenance records and inspecting any used motors before purchase.


For large vessels over 30 feet, an inboard engine provides better stability than a sterndrive. However, a sterndrive uses an inboard/outboard engine that helps the vessel achieve greater speed.


Sterndrive engines are easier to drive especially in shallow waters because of the tilt mechanisms. Inboard engines tuck away the propellers farther inward for less convenience.


Less maintenance is necessary for an inboard motor. Even with an awkward, small engine compartment, the inboard engines work better in saltwater thanks to zinc anodes on the driveshafts. Sterndrive engines in freshwater do not have much maintenance issues. It is only the exposure to saltwater that truly negatively affects these engines.

Whether you choose a sterndrive vs inboard engine depends on the needs of your power boat. Once you decide on an engine type, you can prep the rest of the boat to hit the water.