dump truck insurance

Insurance for Dump Trucks

Insurance for Dump Trucks

Virtually all business needs some type of insurance but finding it for very specific situations can be challenging sometimes. For example, while auto insurance is something with which many are familiar, it doesn’t cover every type of vehicle and scenario. If you run a business that not only uses trucks but dump trucks, you may find yourself needing dump truck insurance specifically to fill any gaps that general business and auto insurance might not cover.

Vehicles Falling in This Category

Dump trucks are the appropriate name considering the type of work that these vehicles do. If your business uses these types of trucks, you likely handle local tasks involving the following:

Loading bulky natural materials such as gravel, sand, rock and dirt

Transporting items to a designated facility or location

Using mechanical features and gravity to empty vehicle contents as needed

Why It Is Necessary

It may be even more obvious why insurance is highly recommended, if not mandated by law, for businesses that use this type of heavy machinery. Operating this type of vehicle comes with risks and exposures that can be detrimental to a business if not backed by dump truck insurance. To avoid costly claims such as vehicle damage, injuries or accidents, find out how the right coverage plan can give your business the support it needs to operate confidently.