home inspector insurance

Insurance Home Inspectors Need

If your business offers home inspection services, you know the very real dangers of unsatisfied clients. Home inspector insurance can protect you and your business if a client files a claim against you.

Common Claims Home Inspectors Face

People trust home inspectors to report factual information regarding a home purchase. With the recent changes in the housing market and the overall economy, these inspectors provide more help to potential homebuyers than ever before. However, that also means homebuyers are going to be extra cautious about the report they receive and their experience in the home.

The common reasons claims are filed against home inspectors are the following:

Failure to disclose information

These claims can come about for any number of reasons. For example, if a homebuyer finds mold in a new home but the inspector did not tell them about it, the homebuyer can sue the inspector. These types of claims, if proved true in court, can result in a loss of business for you and a ruined reputation. That being said, having a clear contract with all the conditions laid out and a solid insurance policy can help you.

Protecting Your Home Inspector Business

Being a home inspector comes with risks, as well as the potential for unhappy clients. Whether a claim is proved true or false, your reputation and business can take a hit. That’s why you need home inspector insurance to protect you and your business.