cbd oil

Making Aunt Flow More Comfy

Some of the worst symptoms that come with a uterus are also some of the most painful. If your period has arrived, then all the unwelcome side effects have also arrived. Rather than taking over-the-counter painkillers like aspirin that can cause heavier bleeding, try using CBD oil to alleviate some of these symptoms. CBD can help with menstrual ailments such as:

Cramping. By blocking pain receptors in the brain, it can ease muscle tension that causes menstrual cramps.

Depression. If your period finds you sobbing over your lost left mitten, CBD oil helps to treat depression and anxiety by realigning the chemicals in your brain. Diarrhoea and stomach pain. Your tummy can benefit from cannabinoid receptors that respond positively to CBD in managing pain.

Note that using CBD alone will not give you a high, so it is safe to take if you need to drive or go to work. THC (which has medicinal benefits of its own) is the mind-altering chemical in marijuana that will get you high. Use with caution, however; it can make you loopy and drowsy. Chocolate isn’t the only medicine that can help a girl’s menstrual symptoms. If you are prone to heavy, painful periods that cripple your daily activities, there is hope. CBD acts as a muscle relaxant to help soothe the nastier side effects of womanhood.