Managing Food Delivery Business Risks

Food delivery is a common and popular way for restaurants to generate additional profits. The popularity of exclusively “to-go” restaurants has grown in recent years — and through the Covid-19 pandemic, food delivery has been a lifeline for countless restaurants. While delivery may seem like a natural fit for your restaurant, there are significant risks in food delivery business that should be managed, and properly covered, to ensure the well-being of your restaurant, delivery drivers, and customers.

What Risks Does a Restaurant Face When Delivering Food?

The risks in food delivery business involve compounding typical restaurant risks with transportation and other risks, producing a novel situation that should be seriously considered by any restaurant that delivers food. Common risks include:

  • Risk of injury to a delivery driver, particularly when attempting to deliver food quickly
  • Risk of food poisoning by customers, if food temperature drops during the delivery
  • Risk of data theft if using an online payment system
  • Liquor liability risks, if offering take-out drinks or cocktails

Get the Coverage You Need

An experienced insurer can help you establish necessary additional coverage for food delivery, which may include commercial auto coverage, cybersecurity coverage, and more. An insurer can help you put into place practices that minimize risk in food delivery, effectively protecting your business, drivers, and customers.