fleet insurance

Multi-Vehicle Coverage Plans

If your company owns several vehicles and uses them for business purposes, you would need to choose a fleet insurance plan in order to maintain maximum coverage against liabilities. A fleet coverage package requires the individual or company to have a minimum of four vehicles on the policy, and private individuals can benefit from this coverage.

Reduce Your Stress

It can be quite stressful dealing with more than one insurance provider, and a collective plan makes it easier. Rather than a business policy for two automobiles and van insurance for delivery vehicles, this insurance can combine the policies and reduce the hassle.

Efficient Service

By having one policy, you will find it is easier to process claims. There is less administrative work for your company when policy questions or claims arise. Rather than phoning multiple agents and comparing information, your phone call can address all of the issues involved with your vehicles.

Fills in the Gap

Fleet insurance is a way to make sure every vehicle you operate or do business with is eligible for coverage. Some individuals might not have insurance because of a driving history or prior insurance situation. A company policy makes sure this vehicle is still covered when in use.

It is important to determine your eligibility for this coverage before contacting an agent. Let them share with you how it can help your business.