Pollution Coverage

The Links Between Your Company’s Certificate of Financial Responsibility and Adequate Pollution Coverage

Anyone operating a vessel in the marine industry is likely familiar with the required certificate of financial responsibility, or COFR for short, that these vessels are required to carry in case of oil spillage. While your company may already have a COFR, the connections between this program and your pollution insurance coverage may not always […]

USL H Coverage

What You Need To Know About USLH Coverage

Business owners across all industries are responsible for protecting their workers at all times. However, there are some areas where these matters can get a bit convoluted. If your business operates on or near large bodies of water, you need to take extra care when it comes to protecting your workers from potential injuries or […]

Managing Alternative Risk

What To Know About Managing Alternative Risk

Wise business owners understand that risk management is a critical element of any successful business operation. Purchasing insurance coverage is one tried-and-true approach to managing the risks associated with the way you do business. Many employers purchase typical products such as property insurance, general liability and workers’ compensation. There are also insurance products that are […]

Premises Liability Protection

Getting the Scoop on Premises Liability Protection

Savvy business owners like you understand the need for general liability insurance. Typically, general liability covers certain types of injuries experienced by a third party while at your company. Certain types of operations can pose additional risks to third parties especially if you own the premises. From heavy machinery to hazardous workplace conditions, your business […]

CPP Insurance

What is CPP Insurance?

It can get quite costly for the small business owner to purchase separate insurance policies for the many types of coverage needed to successfully run a business. It makes sense to save money by combining all your plans into one comprehensive package. There are many options available, so talk with your insurance agent to find […]

Tail Insurance

How Does Tail Insurance Protect You?

Professionals with claims-made insurance add tail coverage to shield them against claims filed after their policies expire. How Does Tail Coverage Work? Tail insurance by Axis Insurance Services extends your protections for claims filed regarding incidents that occurred during the time your policy was active. This supplement is also known as an extended reporting period. It […]

RV Insurance

RV Insurance Protects You

An RV insurance policy protects your motorhome or travel trailer. Whether you use your RV as your home or just for vacations, different policies are available to help cover the cost of injuries and damages to others or yourself. Do You Need RV Insurance? If you drive a motorhome, law requires you to carry liability […]