What Is a Specimen Policy?

A specimen policy is designed to give consumers an overview of certain insurance coverage in a general format. The wording found in these documents could be used in an authorized policy. All disability insurance policies must be underwritten in the end. An individual may discover that the insurance coverage is unavailable or that the policy […]

Risk Management Strategies for Law Firms

Managing a law firm involves a lot of responsibilities. Here are some ways that firms can manage them effectively while mitigating risk exposure. Ensure Compliance With Regulations Pertaining to Professional Responsibility An alleged ethics violation can be very costly, and it could expose a firm to considerable liability. Make sure that everyone at your practice […]

How To Spot Financial Statement Fraud

Fraud is a major problem within businesses and was one of the underlying factors that contributed to the 2008 recession in the United States. There are many types of fraud that occur, which can make detecting financial statement fraud difficult. However, it is vital that financial professionals are able to quickly spot warning signs and […]

What Is D O Insurance for Nonprofits?

There are so many options for insuring your nonprofit that it can be difficult to determine which policies are necessary. One type of insurance that many are unsure of is D and O for nonprofits. Here is an explanation of this insurance to help you decide whether it might benefit your organization. What Is D […]

What Restaurants Need To Know About Foodborne Outbreak Liability

No restaurant wants to deal with the aftermath of a disease outbreak, so it’s important to understand how to prevent them in the first place and what your business can do should one occur. Relevant authorities may hold a restaurant liable for foodborne outbreak, so understanding potential penalties and putting preventative measures in place is key. […]

Manufacturing Company

Liability Insurance for Your Manufacturing Company

Manufacturers understand how important liability insurance is for the company. The manufacturing environment is especially prone to safety issues. Equipment with moving parts and workers that use sharp or heavy tools contribute to a potentially dangerous situation. That’s why insurance for manufacturers must include specific coverage to protect business owners and their employees and clients.  […]

Pollution Coverage

The Links Between Your Company’s Certificate of Financial Responsibility and Adequate Pollution Coverage

Anyone operating a vessel in the marine industry is likely familiar with the required certificate of financial responsibility, or COFR for short, that these vessels are required to carry in case of oil spillage. While your company may already have a COFR, the connections between this program and your pollution insurance coverage may not always […]

USL H Coverage

What You Need To Know About USLH Coverage

Business owners across all industries are responsible for protecting their workers at all times. However, there are some areas where these matters can get a bit convoluted. If your business operates on or near large bodies of water, you need to take extra care when it comes to protecting your workers from potential injuries or […]