valet parking risk management

Organizing Valet Parking for Events

When a valet company is operating at a new location for a special event, a lot of effort is required to ensure that operations run smoothly and safely.

Adequate Advance Planning Is Essential

A thorough understanding of the physical area in which operations will be performed is an important aspect of valet parking risk management. When a physical area is unfamiliar, the potential for risk exposure increases dramatically. In advance of working at a particular event, a company needs to become familiar with the space that they’ll be working in and determine how many vehicles they can accommodate. If there is any considerable distance between the area where vehicles will be stored and the site where owners will retrieve them, a company needs to plan out the safest possible route with the lowest volume of traffic.

Vehicles Need to Be Stored Safely

When a valet company is keeping vehicles in an area that they don’t manage, they’re taking on considerable risk. An area should be relatively secure and well-lit. Staff needs to be vigilant about people who aren’t authorized to access an area.

Safety and security have to be the most important directives in managing valet operations for an event. Careful planning and situational awareness are among the most effective measures to reduce risk exposure.