Cemetery Against Lawsuits

Protect Your Cemetery Against Lawsuits

When people lose a loved one, they turn to cemeteries for their services. As a manager or owner, not only do you have to balance sensitivity and compassion when working with those dealing with grief, but you have to deal handle the commercial part of running a cemetery too. A manager’s duties include funeral services, ground maintenance, staff interaction and more. There is no other business quite like it, hence why you need specific coverages for your cemetery.

Lawsuits Against Cemeteries

There are several types of lawsuits that a plaintiff may raise against a cemetery. If a guest becomes injured on cemetery grounds, you could be liable. Likewise, if your property suffers damage due to inclement weather, vandals or fire, you have to pay those costs out of pocket without insurance.

Other lawsuits include:

  • Suits against the cemetery for errors that lead to a financial loss
  • Suits due to accidents involving cemetery-owned vehicles
  • Suits because of cyber-attacks on client information

Cemeteries have many of the same exposures that other businesses have, plus unique risks.

Potential Coverages for Cemeteries

As a cemetery, you have access to a variety of coverages. These coverages include:

Working with an insurer will help you find the appropriate coverages.

Without a cemetery insurance program, you could financially devastate your company. Lawsuits can happen to any business, including cemeteries.