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Rising Up Against Neighborhood Tyranny

If your dream home is in a neighborhood run by an HOA, there may be some perks to your area of residence. However, HOAs often have a bad reputation in spite of the work to produce neighborhood parties, enforce safety, and provide upscale amenities. When the board members of your HOA go on a power trip, it can be uncomfortable and infuriating. Fortunately, there are homeowners’ rights against HOA demands that are unreasonable and unlawful.

Legal Consequences

The information found at makes it clear that an HOA is a legally operating entity, and therefore regulated by certain standards of law, such as the Fair Housing Act. Here are the limitations of their actions.

  1. They can’t discriminate against you.
  2. They can’t issue you a fine simply because they don’t like you.
  3. They can’t deny your right to use a clothesline.
  4. They can’t require that you remove your satellite dish.
  5. They can’t make a decision on a whim and without community awareness.
  6. They can’t ignore you and keep you from challenging them in court.

No matter how hard they try, an HOA can’t tyrannize the neighborhood unless you and fellow community residents let them. Show up at meetings, write letters, state your case, and work with your neighbors to remove board members that are working against your neighborhood rather than for it.