Tasty Alternatives to Smoking Marijuana

If you want to participate in recreational or medicinal cannabis, there are options beyond the traditional joint and lighter technique. Smoking marijuana is not for everyone. Some, like asthma sufferers, can’t handle the smoke in their lungs. Some people simply can’t master the ability to properly inhale. That’s okay! Have you ever considered edibles?

The Effects without the Smoke

The term “edible” refers to a food product that is infused with cannabis, usually through oils or butter (“cannabutter”). Check the legalities of your state; if you live in a legal state, you can walk into a dispensary and pick from a variety of products. If you don’t live in a legal state, there are ways to DIY cannabutter at home.

Brownies and cookies are the OG edible, and for good reason: Butter and oil are some of the main ingredients in most recipes. They come in as many flavors as you can imagine and will get the job done.

If you prefer fruit to chocolate, you have many options. From hard candies that are like Jolly Ranchers to mock-Starburst chewies to fruit-flavored gummies, you will find something to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Smoking marijuana can be harsh, but that’s why edibles were created. With multiple options out there, there is something sweet for everyone.