Caitling Morgan Insurance: The Benefits of the ACA for Elderly Citizens

The Benefits of the ACA for Elderly Citizens

The baby boomer population is growing older, and the need for end-of-life or assisted living services have increased. There have always been a variety of options available for those looking to get care for their loved ones, but there have also been financial and eligibility restrictions that have limited where an individual may seek care. When looking at the effect of the Affordable Care Act and nursing homes, the team at Caitling Morgan Insurance has found that it is the consumer who benefits the most from federal regulations concerning facility reporting and transparency.

Under the ACA, consumers are able to find out key information about ownership of the nursing home, the financials with regards to patient care costs vs administration costs, the hours of care a resident may receive, and more importantly, the number of violations or complaints lodged against the facility. Individuals should be concerned with the care their loved ones receive, and the ability to find out the details of operations can help a family make a more informed choice.

Additional Benefits

Other areas of interest changed through the ACA include:

  • Efficiency in filing complaints against a nursing home
  • Required background check for care staff
  • Federal resources to support the prevention and identification of elder abuse
  • Education and awareness training programs for seniors and elders concerning their safety