VIS Volunteers

Training Your Nonprofit’s Volunteer Drivers

If any of your nonprofit organization’s volunteer force’s duties involve driving, you should consider incorporating a driving training component into your volunteer orientation program. A comprehensive program can help ensure that your drivers stay safe on the roads. They may be learning valuable skills that will help them in all of their day-to-day driving, beyond just what’s a part of their volunteer duties.

The Components of a Good Training Program

A comprehensive volunteer driver training program includes defensive driving, following at safe distancing, avoiding distraction, vehicle safety, safe passing, and right of way. As exemplified by the training program offered by VIS Volunteers, a well-designed curriculum that’s specifically geared for volunteer drivers doesn’t need to take to hours of time.

The Benefits of an Online Training Program

Online volunteer driver training serves as an excellent training platform because it assures one of the most important aspects of any successful volunteer or employee training program: consistency. All volunteers will receive the exact same information, materials, and tests; there won’t be any discrepancies in training topics or the time allocated to individual topics based simply on who is instructing the trainees. When you know that all have your volunteers have undergone the exact same training protocols, you can rest assured that the whole team is on board with important safety directives.