Mariners Insurance

Understanding Repair Liability Coverage for Ships

Running a shipyard and dealing with boat repairs means having the right type of insurance coverage is necessary. This is to protect your company in case something happens to a boat or ship that is being stored or worked on. Learn more about how why having ship repairers liability is important for your business.

Protecting Different Types of Repairs and Cleaning

Having specific ship repair insurance can protect against accidents depending on the type of work being done, according to Mariners Insurance. This can include different types of finish work, carpentry, hull cleaning, work done on the canvas and rigging work, and even electrical work, just to name a few. If something goes wrong when the work is being done, having insurance can help in case of a lawsuit.

Giving Business Owners Peace of Mind

There are different types of coverage that can be tailored to meet your business and needs. Perhaps you need insurance to cover traveling workers who go to work on ships, or maybe you need commercial auto, dock coverage, or even tank pollution. Coverage can be customized to ensure all your bases are taken care of.

Having ship repairers liability is important for a shipyard or any business that deals with boats. You and your customers can feel confident that your company’s needs are managed through a comprehensive insurance plan.