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What Are Unique Coverages?

What Are Unique Coverages?

All businesses require insurance coverage. Some businesses wrongly believe that you need more coverage as a larger business, rather than when you’re still a small to medium size business. The truth is that you need basic coverages, no matter what size your business is. In addition, there are special coverages that different industries need to keep in mind, given the unique risks involved. Special risks insurance brokers can help you choose the right coverages.

Unique Coverages

Unique coverages are for businesses that have unique needs. For instance, a bar or restaurant will need liquor liability coverage and landscape contractors may need pollution liability. While there are basic coverages that all businesses require, there are individual packages that those with a unique risk need to consider. Here are just a few unique coverages:

Environmental liability
Liquor liability
Pollution liability
Garage Liability
Umbrella insurance

Basic coverages do not cover a lot of the unique risks that a business might face. Due to this, if you suffer a lawsuit or any legal ramification against your business, you won’t have adequate protection without the right coverages.

If you own a business in a niche category, then you should be looking into special risks insurance brokers. These brokers understand the ins and outs of different markets and know the risks involved with making your business a success.