What Restaurants Need To Know About Foodborne Outbreak Liability

No restaurant wants to deal with the aftermath of a disease outbreak, so it’s important to understand how to prevent them in the first place and what your business can do should one occur. Relevant authorities may hold a restaurant liable for foodborne outbreak, so understanding potential penalties and putting preventative measures in place is key.

The Restaurant Could Face Significant Financial and Legal Penalties

There are numerous legal and financial issues that could result from a disease outbreak. Keep in mind the following potential penalties and problems.
·     Small restaurants or those with minor outbreaks could expect financial losses ranging from a few thousand dollars to a few million
·     Average costs may exceed $2 million
·     High-end or larger restaurants could face even bigger losses
·     Associated legal fees and other claims could add up and cost over 100% of a restaurant’s total annual revenue

Early Preparation and Quick Responses Are Key

In order to avoid an outbreak, early preparation is essential. Of course, should an outbreak still happen, quick response time can help prevent further harm. Make sure your business:
·     Conducts regular employee training to ensure safety in handling food
·     Offers food safety courses for all workers
·     Stays on top of cleaning standards
·     Stops service and notifies authorities immediately in the event of an outbreak
·     Maintains adequate hospitality insurance

Having your restaurant liable for foodborne outbreak can lead to legal and financial complications. To mitigate this liability, understand the penalties and follow these preventative steps.