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What To Think About Before Opening A Restaurant

Your dream of opening a restaurant is more than perfecting Grandma’s recipes and wiping tables. There is so much more to running a restaurant the simply cooking, so be mindful of that before diving in feet first.


Restaurant insurance programs exist for people just like you. While different packages and policies vary, some of the most common for restaurants include protection against food spoilage or foodborne illnesses. Protect yourself, your establishment and your clients by checking into a good insurance policy. Unsure where to start? Check out Irving Weber Associates for more insight.


You will need a place to call home, so what will that look like? Check into real estate nearby and see what will fit for your restaurant. Don’t forget about essentials like kitchen space, a dining area and places to dispose of excess trash.

Laws And Licenses

Among other things, you and all your staff will need to obtain a food handler’s permit. What other permits will you need? Call your local county office and discuss options with someone there for more guidance.

There is much to consider when you think seriously about opening a restaurant. Think about all the things you will need to do, the money you will spend and how you plan on making money your first year.