Merrimack Marine Insurance

What You Need to Know About Boat Coverage

Anyone who has spent a significant amount of time in Florida can tell you that having the right insurance policies should be a top priority. According to Merrimac Marine Insurance, boat insurance in Florida can help out with the different types of risks and exposures that are typical to this state. Building the right kind of coverage package for your type of boating experience and working with a qualified insurance provider can make a world of difference.

Policies That Matter

The kinds of policies that are offered by agencies and brokers in Florida are as diverse as the kinds of watercraft you’ll find on any given day off the shores of the Sunshine State. Some of the most important kinds are property, equipment, tool, and towing coverage. Liability coverage is also crucial especially for commercial boating ventures. Liability insurance comes with its own of kind particular policies such as general liability which assists in covering the costs of damage to other property. Pollution liability can help you out if your boat causes a dangerous oil and you need to pay for clean up.


The price of boat insurance in Florida can vary substantially depending on the size of your boat, your past boating history, the price of the boat and whether you own one or many boats. If you are interested in learning more about covering your precious watercraft, consult a boat insurance specialist.