USL H Coverage

What You Need To Know About USLH Coverage

Business owners across all industries are responsible for protecting their workers at all times. However, there are some areas where these matters can get a bit convoluted. If your business operates on or near large bodies of water, you need to take extra care when it comes to protecting your workers from potential injuries or accidents. Take a moment to consider how the United States Longshore & Harbor Act dictates how you go about workers’ compensation and stay protected at all times.

How USL&H Coverage Works

According to experts, USL and H coverage is necessary for many businesses to take out in addition to a standard plan for compensating workers through insurance. In the event that your employees are injured or become ill while working for your company, the extra coverage you have taken out through your USL&H plan will provide you with the compensation you need. As long as your company meets the requirements of the federal government, this insurance can prove invaluable. Points to focus on when it comes to this kind of coverage include:

  • Coverage for adjoining piers, terminals, etc.
  • Protection during tasks like building, repairing, and loading vessels
  • Reduce odds of major fines and imprisonment

Taking Out the Right Policies

There are plenty of important decisions you need to make in order to protect your business from the unknown. As long as you are taking the time to review how USL&H coverage and similar insurance options can benefit your company’s future, you’re doing your part to help your business succeed.