Company Benefits

When Temps Are Eligible for Company Benefits

Temp work is an employment option when a person is between jobs or needing a more flexible work option than full-time. Many temp-jobs are at-will, so the individual can leave the position they’ve been assigned at any time and for any reason. However, this same at-will opportunity is given to the employer, who can request a replacement with the same flexibility.

Time as a Temp

Rather than being hired directly by a company that has a short-term employment need, individuals in need of work apply with a staffing firm for a temporary position. Staffing companies often see temp workers fill roles are accountants, administrative assistants, line workers, IT specialists. The person could be working for a few hours on a special project or fill a position while an individual if on maternity leave. Any position that is filled for fewer than six weeks is generally considered a temp role. A contact could get extended as needed, with some positions providing up to a year of employment.

Knowing the Rights of a Temp

Most temp employees are not given healthcare coverage or benefits. Some states have passed legislation to protect temp workers, with many using the 1,000 guidelines. If a temporary employee works more than 1,000 hours within a 12 month period, the individual may be eligible to become a permanent employee or be given access to employee benefits. Check with local or state legislation to see what policies apply to your situation.