Where Is Cannabis Legal in the United States?

Cannabis is becoming increasingly popular across the United States. Whether used for recreational purposes or medical ones, users often report feeling less stressed, being in less pain, and having better sleep after partaking. Unfortunately, cannabis isn’t legal in all 50 states yet. Before you decide to open your own shop, it is important to understand the legalities by asking yourself “Where is cannabis legal in the U.S.?

Recreational and Medicinal Use

Eleven states allow its residents to use cannabis for both medicinal and recreational purposes. These states include the entire west coast, as well as Colorado, Michigan, Illinois, Massachusetts, Maine, and Vermont. Regulations regarding the amount a person can have at one time may vary between states.

Medicinal Use Only

A variety of states, including Ohio, Utah, Florida, and Oklahoma, among many others, allow cannabis use for medicinal purposes only. This means that patients must have a doctor’s prescription to shop at dispensaries and may only have access to certain strains of cannabis.

CBD and Hemp Only

Several states are making strides toward legal cannabis by allowing CBD and hemp for the time being. These derivatives have no THC ad that does not produce a high but may still ease anxiety and aid in sleep.

Currently, Idaho, South Dakota, and Nebraska do not allow any legal use of cannabis, CBD, or hemp products. If you operate in any of the other 47 states, remember that your dispensary will need to follow the strict operation and insurance guidelines.