professional liability insurance for engineers in Indiana

Why Do Engineers Need Professional Liability Insurance?

Engineers and architects offer a valuable service to the construction business. They create the designs and plans for a variety of projects often working with government offices and private corporations to further goals. When something goes wrong, professional liability insurance for engineers in Indiana offers protection against a financial loss due to a lawsuit.

Risk Coverage

Even the most competent and thorough professional makes mistakes. Those errors or omissions can result in structural problems or design flaws. The end client often wants recompense for the error and wants someone to pay. A lawsuit may be filed taking time and money away from future or current projects and potentially resulting in fines and penalties.

Policy Benefits

Many policies offer coverage for defense costs and per project coverage limits. It is important to ensure that the policy is in effect both at the time the claim is filed and during the project timeline. An agent can discuss the specifics on deductible and coverage limits depending on the needs of the business.

Whether you are an engineer or architect, your business can benefit from a professional liability insurance for engineers in Indiana policy. A lawsuit can happen at any time, but the financial loss doesn’t have to cripple your business. The right protection can save you money and ensure you continue doing the work you enjoy.