Stop gap insurance

Why Stop Gap Coverage is Necessary

When it comes to getting proper coverage for workers who have temporary employment or work through an employment agency, sometimes it is necessary to get additional help, such as through stop gap insurance. Learn how this is beneficial and why it’s necessary for workers in these situations.

Stop Gap Coverage Provides Assistance in Various Situations

For staffing agencies seeking to protect employees, this type of coverage can include bodily injury through accidents and diseases. Since some states don’t have access to full coverage if they are part of a monopolistic state. These include the states of Ohio, North Dakota, Washington, and Wyoming.

Having Stop Gap Coverage Saves Money

When workers get injured and, it’s important to have proper coverage in order to avoid a loss of money. Workers who aren’t covered under policies that don’t provide a stop gap can cost additional funds if they sue or there’s issues related to workers comp. Having this insurance might be an additional cost, but it can save money in the long run for the staffing agency.

When checking for coverage, make sure the staffing agency has stop gap insurance. This can protect when issues of sick or injured employees occur. It can cover different circumstances and keep the company from losing money in the long run.